For the Love of Dog

Since I was a baby rolling soup cans around the floor of my parents home (I’ve come a long way since then) my life has been consistent in that I’ve always had a canine companion by my side. My first memory of this, which is actually less memory and more my parents storytelling, is that of Taco the stray German Shepard my Dad brought home. Taco was very watchful over ‘his’ baby and gave into my needs of crawling all over him to smother my drool faced kisses wherever they were allowed to land anytime my little heart desired.

A more predominant memory in my mind is of Mickey the small, black American Eskimo/Shipperke cross that bit me at the SPCA where he was adopted from. I was not at all pleased that this was going to be our new pet after that initial incident but it wasn’t long before we became inseperable. He slept with me from childhood up until his last night at home keeping me safe from all things that go bump in the night, although I think he needed me there just as much as I needed him. Mickey was my baby and in my mind he was my dog, when we found out he had to be put down I was devestated… I knew that he was ill but I wanted to deny it as I wasn’t ready to lose my best friend. I sat by his side giving him every last ounce of love I could before he left us.

Never thinking I would be capable of loving another pet the same way I did Mickey I was reluctant to find another dog but the time had come when my own family was growing and there was just something missing…make that someone. After scouring the SPCA and all adoption and rescue sites I could think of for weeks to no avail I felt like we were never going to find our dog and then one day by the miracle of Google search we did. A picture of a small puppy with brindle colouring and the biggest brown eyes I’d ever seen stared at me from my computer screen and I instantly knew that he was the one we’d been searching for. Saved from a kill shelter all the way in Georgia “Fetch” was flown to the Calgary Airport and into our lives where he remains a happy, spoiled and much loved pet by the name of Harley. He is my baby and in my mind he is my dog, although in wanting my children to grow up with the same love for animals he is my sons guardian through the night and my Husbands and mine snuggle buddy the remainder of the day.

*If you’re interested in adoption or volunteer opportunities with a great organization please check out www.littlemuttsrescue.org


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