Mama Knows Best

It’s hard to believe that it has already been 6 weeks since our newest addition to the family arrived! I must say that it feels much easier this time around, don’t confuse that statement with it being easy…I don’t think parenting EVER gets easy but you live and you learn and I’m trying to soak in as much information as I can these days, whether or not I’m actually retaining it is another thing as I still feel like I have pregnancy brain…or maybe P.B. has morphed into Mom brain, just another side affect of kids I can tack onto the list!

I’ve read (and heard) countless times that babywearing {carrying an infant in a carrier/sling} is good for babies, I’ve even read it can make them smarter…while I’m a tad skeptic on it making them smarter I do see how it can be beneficial for both Mom and Baby.

According to Wikipedia there are many benefits of babywearing, including the following:

  • Babywearing releases the hormone oxytocin which helps create a more intimate bond as well as aid in breastfeeding and can lower the incidence of post-partum depression.
  •  Infants are calmer due to the constant closeness, the rhythms of the wearer have a calming effect on baby which can cause less crying.
  • Infants IQ is higher due to spending more time in an attentive alertness state which is ideal for learning.
  • It can help with social development.
  • There is less chance of baby developing a flat spot on the back of their head as baby can sleep while being carried which decreases time spent on back.

When shopping for a carrier be sure to take into account who will be wearing it; if both parents will be using it you will want to look for something unisex (unless your hubby doesn’t mind sporting a floral print!) and one that can adjust to comfortably fit you both. Look for a carrier that provides support for your lower back as well as wide shoulder straps to disperse the weight more evenly.

I did not “wear” my first son; I purchased a carrier which I found to be very hard on my back and shoulders and because of this was never used so this time around I had a better idea of what NOT to buy. I recently purchased an Infantimo Wrap & Tie carrier (pictured below) and I LOVE it! It allows you to wear baby 3 different ways; forward facing, facing out and on your back. It can carry baby up to 35 lbs as well which was one of the selling factors for me – having one kid to attend to already I figure it will be beneficial having my hands free as long as I can!

I’ve spoken to many Mom’s who swear by the sling style carriers but I admit I was a bit intimidated by the fact it included an instructional DVD on how to use it; I think for these types of things it’s all based on personal preference, who will be wearing it and how much you intend on using them.
I plan on babywearing daily and therefore am preparing for one brainy kid!


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