Lust List

Lust List – Spring Edition

Remember back in grade school when we learned about basic needs? Well this post has nothing to do with that and everything to do with the unneccessary objects of my affection…while we all have our needs there is nothing wrong with having a few wants now and then. These are my top 5 for Spring.

1. I LOVE this bicycle from Supercycle, it is so cute and I really dig the vintage vibe (yes I just said I dig it) It’s sold at Canadian Tire stores for a great price and I would love to get my hands on these handlebars!

2. As a child I loved the book The Secret Garden, the idea of a hidden outdoor oasis sounded so majestic to me that I would dream of having one of my own. Now that I’m a homeowner I hope to one day develop my bland back yard into my own lush sanctuary and until then I am trying to refrain from purchasing every garden accessory and plant that crosses my path.

3. To go along with my garden sanctuary is this darling item I found at Michaels. A DIY Memory Stepping Stone kit, I would love to imprint my boys tiny hands or feet on these to look at for years to come.

4. The best thing about memories is creating them, perhaps then the second best thing is capturing them. With our family having grown recently it is picture time once again and I will look no further than to the amazingly talented Jen Ollinger of Urban Couture photography to get these precious moments on film.

5. I covet all things Lululemon and have a hankering for one of their Scuba Hoodies. Being a fan of yoga I am a believer that wearing this would bring me inner peace. Namaste.


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