I recently noticed that so far my blog contains posts on food and motherhood but nothing on being a wife…if I’m going to call myself L.W.O.P. I suppose I should start including some wife in your life so here we go.

Date night on the homefront
It’s no secret that children put some fizzle in your sizzle, we love them yes but we still need time to be adults and to be a couple without distractions. When lack of babysitter or funds for an outing are in your way you can still plan a nice evening together with a little creativity.

These are my 3 Steps to entering date night bliss:
Step #1 – put children to bed.
Step #2 – pour generous amount of wine to signal brain it is time to unwind.
Step #3 – no distractions (cell phones, computer, t.v. ect.)

The Dinner Date – Have a late dinner without the kids (feed them first as starving them will probably result in a night waking for sustanance and thus interrupting your evening) cook your meal together, light some candles, put on some music and give your partner something nice to look at (put away the sweat pants). Eat slow, enjoy each other’s company and the quiet.
If you find yourself shouting things like “Don’t play with your food” or “Sit still while you chew” it’s probably a sign that you should be doing this more often.

The Relax & Unwind Date – Share a romantic bubble bath for two then commence with couples massage, treat your partner to a full body massage by candlelight complete with lotion/oil and soft music. If one thing leads to another then as the Beatles once sang “let it be”. (Sorry to my Mom’s that are reading this…I may or may not have lied that our children were born out of immaculate conception…I’ll never tell)
Refrain from thinking about the laundry on the floor or dishes in the sink while this is happening.

The Trip Back in Time Date – Bring out the photo albums of your early years together, your wedding, those trips you used to take when it was just the two of you… Look back at the pictures and reminisce on the memories.
It’s ok if you feel a pang of desire for your pre-mama body after stumbling upon a bikini shot of yourself from the “old days” simply life your alcoholic beverage to your lips and sip, repeat as many times that is necessary until you think you still look like that.

Single ladies, I haven’t forgotten you! Alter Date option two to a bubble bath for one by candlelight accompanied by my newest Kobo addiction Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. You’re welcome.

Happy Date Night friends!


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