Hello, I’m Little Wife and I am a list maker.

Whether it be for groceries, things I need to get done in a day, things I need to remember, plans for my future, plans for my house – you get the picture – with me, there’s a list for that!

Call me old fashion but I much prefer to do my list making by pen and paper rather than electronically or via mobile. I admit my “listing” could use some better organization as currently I have papers scattered at random on countertops, tables, in purse pockets and drawers…you could almost say I need a list to keep track of where my lists are but that would be redicu-list!

It would seem that a notebook might be a handy investment, something small so as to fit into my purse (oh wait I don’t carry those anymore) diaperbag allowing for easy access any time I get an urge to list. My fabulous cousin turned me onto the wonders of Moleskine when he gifted me one of thier Recipe Journals for Christmas (complete with some family recipes – great gift idea for the Foodie in your life) and this pocket sized notebook would fit the bill.

Not to mention pulling out this slick little number would make me feel as if everything I wrote were more important than say my grocery list. Even if you are not an admitted listmaker addict Moleskine has an impressive selection of notebooks to choose from including a Baby Journal, Wine Journal and Gardening Journal.

Write on!


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