Lust List

Lust List – Summer Edition

Although it sure hasn’t felt like it yet Summer is finally here!
I’m looking forward to sunshine, BBQ’s and camping to name a few, here are 5 more things making me drool for warmer weather.

1. To avoid sunburns and also hide my post baby belly that for some reason won’t go away (what do you mean work out??) a cover up might just be the answer I’m looking for when lounging beachside. I like this one by Victoria’s Secret.

2. Having light and extremely thin hair I have learned over the years (scalp burn after scalp burn) the importance of a hat and decided it’s high time to invest in something I will actually wear – especially so I can practice what I preach to my kids. I like the look of the oversized floppy hats like these, lets see if I get lucky finding one to suit me.

3. I’ve never been much for sun tanning, perhaps considering I tend to look more like a lobster than sun kissed but the treasure of self tanner is so pasty gals like me don’t go around blinding everyone on the beach! The three rules to an even coat: EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE! I might give these a go (found at Sephora locations).

4. Every girl needs a good sundress, one that hugs her curves and makes her feel like a million bucks! I like this one from Dynamite, it’s simple and cute which is everything a summer wardrobe should be.

5. While I don’t care much for having my fingernails done I love having my toenails painted even in the dead of winter when only I see them, it’s one of those little things that make me happy. I quite like this shade from O.P.I. Brights collection in Teal The Cows Come Home (it’s fitting, don’t you think?!).


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