Bikini Season Blahs

Dear Body,

Whilst I am amazed by your resilience and capability of more strength than I ever gave you credit for pre-children the fact remains that after constant comparison to other new Mom’s out there looking in the mirror after stepping out of the shower creates one thought and one thought only, it is an obscenity that these fingers will not typeth.

Now it seems I will be in full out bikini mode in T minus 6 weeks, flabby belly and deflated boobs hanging out there for the whole world to see. My apologies to you all. The thought has occurred to me that in 6 weeks time I can probably undo some of the damage but seeing as how I said this 6 months ago I have chosen to stop listening to those random thoughts of health and fitness and opt for eating another handful of chocolate covered fruit bites while I daydream about my old body and hope one day it will magically reappear.

That is all.



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