Lust List

Lust List – Fall Edition

Sorry to put a damper on your summer high folks but the cold hard truth is that Fall is just around the corner.

As much as I enjoy summer I am one of those quirky people who LOVE Fall… I really do! I love the beauty of the trees as their leaves change colour, I love watching my son jump into the leaf piles with such joy, I love Thanksgiving (food & family = everything I love in life) I love Halloween (free candy, c’mon!) I love that I can start taking out my favourite comfort food recipes, I love that it’s getting cool enough for cozy blanket snuggles at night and I love that bikini season is now over and I can layer up like a matroyshka doll.

Here a few things that inspire me for Fall.

1. City life had it’s perks, one of them being Starbucks. There was once a time in my former life as Little Fiance On the Concrete Jungle where Starbucks was a daily ritual, now it is a rare indulgence. There is still some city in this girl and she measures her seasons by what coffee is on the menu and nothing says Fall better than a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte!

2. In an imaginary world where I buy ridiculously priced footwear without batting an eyelash I would own these Michael Kors boots and I would covet them!

3. I Love this wool jacket by H&M and although I LOVE the look of it in white it would probably not be a very practical choice for me unless I saran wrapped my sons hands on a daily basis (hmm I could be onto something here…).

4. I love this O.P.I. shade from their Fall Russian collection called St.Petersburgandy. It is deep and alluring and would make my tootsies very purdy-ful!

5. In the colder months there is nothing like having a set of good flannel sheets to greet you at night so you can snuggle into them and hibernate your way to dawn, they also help keep your toes warm so you don’t have to heat them on your husband before drifting off to a blissful sleep…he might complain about that, mine does.

What are some of your Fall favourites?


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