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Lunchbox Hero

Life has become a little bit more hectic around here as I have recently acquired a new job as Play-school Teacher! That being said for the past two weeks I have been making schedules, lesson plans, prepping activities, over analyzing everything I did and re-doing most of it… which left little time for blogging which makes me sad and feeling lost, but here I am, my head is out of the books (for now) and my heart is in my fingers as they nimbly type away.

Unfortunately I have no new recipes and instead I wanted to share this awesome lunchbox I got my oldest son for back to school, all you Moms with school aged kids will understand my obsession with this lunch kit.

The Original Goodbyn Lunchbox.

I love containers. If something can make my life easier by bringing organization into the equation then it’s my new favourite so you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon this amazing lunchbox that compartmentalizes all of your food (great for picky eaters that don’t like things to touch) and takes plastic bags out of the equation (save money, save the planet) not to mention my tupperware drawer is already spilling over and somehow I have a lot more containers than I do lids so one container to do the work of 5 sounded pretty darn good to me! It has also been a great way of getting my son involved in his food choices, he helps me pack his lunch so he sees everything going in and we can make sure all of his food groups are included. (I have a print out of the food pyramid on the fridge so we can double check!) It comes with two sheets of stickers to decorate your Goodbyn which are dishwasher safe, as well as a small water bottle. I purchased mine off Zulily but you can also find them at Goodbyn.

Truth be told, I want one for myself!


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