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Wash Yourself

Like many people do, I consider my dog part of the family. He sits on the couch with us, sleeps on my sons bed at night, has nicknames (and songs made up about him) and his own soap. I suppose a dog having separate soap isn’t anything out of the ordinary except my dogs soap is for people too and I would gladly use it…though not his bar…on myself.

The soap is made by LUSH cosmetics which is one of my most favourite bath & body stores, all of their products are handmade with natural ingredients.
Harley’s soap is called Honey I Washed the Kids, it smells like (you guessed it) honey and leaves your skin silky soft and lightly scented and your pup’s fur is also left silky soft and lightly scented. {It’s made with real Canadian honey and beeswax too} Other soaps I used left Harley smelling… well like a wet dog who rolled in something that was supposed to smell nice but just didn’t work… not so with this stuff, I often bury my nose in his neck after he is dry just to smell him – it’s that good! Another benefit from using this soap that I’ve noticed is his skin isn’t as dry which leads to less scratching and shedding which in turn leads to less sweeping for me… or it probably would if I didn’t have two mess makers kids in the house.

Some of my other LUSH favourites {for myself} are:

Amandopondo Bubble Bar

These bubble bars make the BEST bubble baths EVER! This one has a light rose scent that I really like.

Tisty Tosty Bath Bomb

My Mom introduced me to bath bombs when I was a little tyke and I fell in love instantly. This is one of my favourites, also rose scented!

Angels on Bare Skin Exfoliator

I have very sensitive skin and this facial exfoliator is the perfect mix of cleanser and exfoliator. It leaves your skin baby soft and smooth.

Mask of Magnaminty

This mask is my all time favourite, its deep cleansing made with peppermint which leaves your skin feeling tingly-clean!

Wiccy Magic Muscles

If you read my post awhile back about Date Night you’ll know that couple massage time is one of my favourite cheap dates and this is my favourite massage bar. It’s made with peppermint and cinnamon spice oils which alternate in warming and cooling sensations, the scent is great for guys and gals so Hubby won’t complain when your rubbing it all over him – not that anyone should complain when getting a massage!

Buffy Body Butter

This miracle bar is a body exfoliator and moisturizer in one, use it in the shower on wet skin and rinse off. Voila, you are left feeling soft and smooth…. like buddah.

For the record I am not a paid sponsor of LUSH or affiliated with them in any way I just like to share things that make me happy. Now go wash yourself!


2 thoughts on “Wash Yourself

  1. you make me laugh with every post – I really enjoyed this one because I have been playing with the idea of entering the Lush store. I had a feeling it would become a new addiction.

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