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Lust List – Halloween Edition

It seems that I have been affected by a touch of writers block… I know, first I used my job as an excuse and now I’m blaming brain drain… regardless of the fact my hamster stopped turning the wheel upstairs I thought I should post SOMETHING… I have settled on a holiday edition of my lust list in honour of my LOVE for Halloween – Reader beware, you’re in for a scare! (If you don’t recognize that line then Congratulations, you are less of a dork than me – or you weren’t watching YTV in the 90’s)

Sugar Skulls – I love the intricate designs of the sugar skull make-up, what I didn’t realize is the symbol is tied to mexican culture in celebration of the Day of the Dead (known to us up north as Halloween) in which skulls are used to adorn altars in decoration and are made of sugar, hence the name. I came across this picture in one of my Pinterest sessions and I thought it was pretty awesome, however a girlfriend of mine posted an equally awesome photo of her own attempt at the sugar skull look (which is not posted to protect her identity)

Spooktacular Party Decorations – Perusing the Halloween aisle {and Pinterest…do you see a pattern here?} always makes me want to throw a big bash… a monster mash! And there are so many ingenious ways of taking it to the next level, I love the candy label jars from House of Smith’s and the ice hand from Real Simple.

Pumpkin Picking – there is nothing better than picking out the BEST pumpkin to take home, whether you go directly to the patch, your nearest market or the grocer it’s always exciting. Then of course there’s the bonus to carving them – toasted pumpkin seeds!!

Decorating Pumpkins – While I’m a bigger fan of spooky over all things cute and pretty this time of year I can’t help but love these pumpkins! I definitely wouldn’t replace my jack-o-lantern but they would make a unique addition to the porch display and I might just have to give them a try!

The Nightmare Before Christmas – It’s just not Halloween until I’ve watched this {and a few cheesy slasher flicks of course!} because as they say in the movie “life’s no fun without a good scare”


Happy Haunting!



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