Sometimes I start projects and then about midway through them I pause and think to myself “WTF am I doing?” … this was one of those projects.

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing crafts (especially with the little ones) I idolize Martha Stewart and envy anyone who can turn a toilet paper roll into a beautiful work of art {I’m not exaggerating – google pinterest tp roll crafts and your jaw will drop!} … but sometimes Martha and tp craft people lead to me to ask questions like “how did you come up with that?” or “are you a robot?” or “why did this take me 3X longer than it took you?” and “seriously, are you a robot?” and then there are my crafts which generally fall into the category of THIS TOOK ME A WHOLE MORNING TO COMPLETE AND I AM WELL AWARE IT LOOKS LIKE MY 5 YEAR OLD MADE IT BUT SHUT UP AND TELL ME IT RIVALS MARTHA STEWART OR I WILL CUT YOU WITH MY DECORATIVE EDGE SCISSORS!!!!

I’m glad we sorted that out, while I enjoy a bottle glass of celebratory wine coffee you can give this craft a go. I made it for my preschool class after being inspired by one from 4 Crazy Kings blog, I didn’t however have any party hats or paper plates on hand so I made mine entirely out of cereal boxes. You can click on the link to the original project for her directions using those items or try to decipher them from mine.
May the force be with you.

Cardboard Witch Hat Craft
1 cereal box (per hat)
Black Paint

Flatten out the cereal box and trace a circle on one side for the brim (I used a plate for this) and cut out.
On other side of box trace out an obtuse triangle shape for the cone and cut out, Curl up the triangle to form a cone and tape it together on the inside.
In the middle of the circle shape slit an X, cut the 4 triangles down the centre to make 8 triangles and fold them up into the inside of the cone and tape.
Paint the hat black.

I purchased some halloween themed stickers and decorations from the Dollar Store but use whatever you like to finish off your hat.

At this point you may be wondering why I feel the urge to drink after finishing this project as it sounds so simple, right? Well it probably would have been simple if I thought about things before I did them… I ended up making this a whole lot harder on myself and swearing under my breath while I tried to keep my little ones entertained and listened to the never ending knock knock jokes my 5 year old was telling me… he sure is cute but there is only so much “knock-knock, who’s there? Harley, Harley who? Harley you glad I didn’t say Tom” {He hasn’t quite grasped the concept of the orange you glad I didn’t say banana joke that I told him a few weeks ago} so we laugh and then he makes up another one but changes the Harley and Tom to different inanimate objects or people…

Here is my finished project:


They’re not perfect but I’m sure the little ones will think they are great… that’s right, Martha Who??


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