Getting Crafty

I realize this is my second Halloween craft post but these are so cute… in a spook-tacular way of course… that I had to share! Bonus: You don’t have to be a Martha Stewart rival to make it.

Ghost Prints
Small canvas (I got mine at the Dollar store – 2 for a buck!)
Black paint (acrylic works best for full coverage)
White paint (again, acrylic is best)
Google Eyes
Black permanent marker
A foot

Paint the canvas black and allow to dry. Grab a foot, yours or someone else’s (but if it’s not yours you should probably ask first) and paint the bottom/sole white. Press onto canvas to make your ghost print and allow to dry. With the footprint upside down (heel at the top of the canvas and toes at the bottom) glue on google eyes and draw a mouth with permanent marker.
If you like you can add words to it like I did or just leave it at the ghost print, do whatever your inner artist tells you.
I made these with my little ones, it’s cute for Halloween decor and it also makes a great keepsake.

Happy Haunting!


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