Rooster Me This, Rooster Me That

I love roosters… no wait, birds are scary. I love the idea of roosters… no wait, still scary. I love rooster decorations, yes… yes I do.
You might be asking yourself… why? To that I say, does the moon need a reason for shining? Does Chuck Norris need a reason to do a roundhouse kick? No and F*ck no are the answers to those questions.

Because I am currently experiencing some minor difficulties in the writing department here is some rooster stuff that I like.

A rooster weathervane, because when I want to know which way the wind is blowing I also want to look at a rooster.

A rooster clock, because you can’t tell time without a rooster.

A rooster canister set, because coffee just won’t taste the same if it’s not stored in something with a rooster.

A rooster plate set, because nothing says delicious more than eating off a rooster.



A ceramic rooster, because it’s not just necessary but imperative that there be a rooster  EVERYWHERE!

If that wasn’t cock-a-doodle-dandy for you then I don’t think we should be friends anymore.


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