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A Change Would Do You Good

As you may recall from one of my past posts, exercise is not a verb that I would typically associate myself with. If you were to call me up and be all “Hey, whatcha doing?” I would most likely say “watching the kids…” or “cleaning…” or not actually answer you at all because I’m yelling something at my kids who are totally oblivious to the fact that I even exist, but you wouldn’t have ever gotten a breathless “I just finished up some cardio, did my yoga routine and then decided to run around the block because I just don’t have enough room here to be as athletic as I wanted to be today”. You wouldn’t have heard me say that, that is until a month ago because I went and changed things.

Normally I get all hyped up about a get fit routine and it lasts me a week before I fall off the wagon and back onto my couch but this time was different. Maybe it was the muffin top or the fact that bending over to pick up toys was equivocal to exercise or maybe it was that time I looked in the mirror after my shower and though “ugh” for the 400 billionth time that I finally thought ‘Hey… I should DO something and KEEP doing it’ …. I’m not sure, I didn’t have an Oprah “ah-ha” moment… I just started doing it and 4 weeks later I’m 5 pounds lighter so I thought it was worth sharing (sharing is caring)

I’m challenging myself to lose the weight I gained during my second pregnancy … and the other weight that I gained before that… but my challenge is more of a lifelong goal than a weight loss goal. I want to fit into my pants again but I also want to feel better, be stronger, be healthier and boost my immunity.
I was getting sick of feeling so run down and not having the energy I needed to keep up with my kids and now I finally do and I have found that treating every day differently it’s easier to want to make that happen.
If I skip out on exercise I try to make up for it by eating better or working out harder the next day, I’m trying to balance my activity and my meals because I don’t want to set myself up for failure by limiting myself and pushing too hard. I have also come to accept that I have a love for food and cooking and when I limit myself in those areas it leads to revolt… not to mention a temporary change is only going to give temporary results and I want long term.

I thought I would share some things that the new and improved (even more little) Little Wife has come to love, this is not a lust list… just a list because I like lists.

1. Natural Almonds – these little babies have become my go to snack in between meals or at night when a hunger pang hits and I’m having couch time. Instead of having my husband shock me every time I look longingly into the pantry for a snack I can munch on a handful of these and know they are good for me.

2. Green tea – to up my fluid intake when I don’t feel like plain ol’ water I go for a mug of this bevy… dee-lish!

3. – this site is full of great interval workouts that don’t take very long to complete but will work your @$$ off, literally!

Now go forth and lunge!


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