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Lust List – Gift Edition

Happy December 1st Ya’ll!
The season of giving is upon us, if you are stuck on an idea for the man in your life here are a few of mine.

A brand spanking new wallet.
If your guy (or Dad, Brother, Son, ect.) is anything like mine his wallet looks like it’s been sat on for a year…oh wait…
Fossil has a great line of wallets; they are handsome, sturdy and there is one for every price point.


A cool pair of shades and what better way to go than the classic Ray Ban Aviators. His friends will be envious, he will think he is 007, your welcome.


Most men detest shopping, coming within 10 feet of a mall may subject them to a nervous breakdown, hives or Hulk-like behaviour. To avoid this catastrophe leave their clothes shopping in trusted hands, yours. A flannel shirt is a great addition to any mans closet, plus it’s nice and cozy to snuggle up to!


Give him the time of day with a suave watch like this one by Nixon. It’s sleek yet manly and is convincingly Bond-like.


Get him a cool case for his phone like this one from Etsy. It’s unique and humorous and sure to be his new favourite.


Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.


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