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The Balancing Act

Time has once again eluded me, my blog has been neglected just the same as my laundry… it happens. My time has been devoted to my work, my family and my health {not exactly in that order} therefore putting my writing on the back burner. My goal of writing more in 2013 has not been fulfilled thus far so here I am attempting to make a comeback, yet as I sit here I feel as if my brain is on empty and any writing ideas I had at any point since my last entry have long since packed up and left. I think they gave up on me.

Because I am at a loss for what else to post I will instead let you in on the journey I have been on seeking health and happiness. Isn’t that the primary goal for everyone? Sometimes I feel we lose sight of this goal, or maybe that’s just me. There are times I feel I am consumed with things I “need” to improve my life, I’m tricked into thinking that if I have a nicer house or better clothes the end result will be infinite happiness, congratulations ad agencies it appears you are doing your jobs. This feeling leads me to feel like I need a time out, that I need to disengage from this world in order to get back to reality and to what’s really important. Which for me comes down to health and happiness, that of my family and of myself.

I’m not always the best person I can be but I suppose that’s an impossible feat for most of us so I tell myself that my best is good enough. Recently however I have been feeling as if maybe I’ve set the bar too low and in turn I am feeling that I’m not at my best after all but instead have reached a plateau of ‘average’ which I do not feel comfortable in. My health was taking it’s toll probably most visably as I had become out of shape and suffering aches and pains that a 20-something year old shouldn’t be suffering. My happiness had also taken a toll, I feel that when I am not where I want to be physcially I cannot be where I want to be emotionally either. I am a person who needs balance in life and if I cannot achieve balance I feel it in everything I do.

The past three months have been monumental for me, I have realized what I need and made the changes in order to get there. For me this journey isn’t about reaching an end goal but rather of reaching a new understanding and new life, I don’t see these changes as dieting and exercising but rather of learning what my body needs and what it doesn’t… eliminating what was weighing it down for so long and introducing what it was yearning for in order to rejuvenate it. I now know when my body is hungry it needs to be given the proper fuel and not empty calories that do more harm than good. I know when I feel aches and pains that it means I am not giving my body the proper movement it requires to function. I know that when I feel mentally disengaged from myself it is because I haven’t been challenging my mentality and from there I can figure out what area I have been lacking whether it be creatively or socially or somewhere else.

Sometimes I feel that our world is so detached, instead of listening to ourselves and taking from our surroundings we throw drugs at the “problems” and expect them to fix themselves… the bottom line is nothing will change unless we do. This is the realization I have come to.

I yearn for food that fuels my body, movement that fixes it and love that fills it. For some of you this may all sound like a bunch of hippy talk and for others it may be obvious, I realize we all see things differently and we all feel things differently. This is just my interpretation of my own life and needs.

Thank you for returning and reading and I hope that balance has found you, wherever you are!


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