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Lust List – Wellness Edition

Here are some of the things on my radar lately, courtesy of my newfound inner health freak.
A new yoga mat, because downward dog would be even better on a pink mat and also because nobody does yoga wear and accessories better than Lululemon.
A cool racerback, also from Lululemon (surprised?) Sometimes it’s nice to look and feel cute when you are in those awkward positions.
Incase you couldn’t tell, I love yoga. I have tried a few different forms but my favourite, hands down, is Bikram yoga in a heated studio. When I can’t make it to a class I am content practicing at home and the Yoga Meltdown routines made famous by Jillian Michaels are great for a little extra oomph!
In addition to my exercise routine and healthier eating habits I have introduced this gem into my daily routine. I like to mix Vega’s chocolate powder with chocolate soy/almond milk to start the day or blend a scoop with chocolate soy/almond milk, a frozen banana and a Tbsp of peanut butter for a post workout pick up.
I love tea, I have always loved it and with this beautiful go mug from Teavana I would love to love it even more!
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