Finding Little Wife

There have been numerous times where I have opened up my blog to begin a post only to sit and stare blankly at the screen, my fingers would hover over the keyboard and wait for the magic to happen and nothing, nadda, zilch, zip, zero.

Then last night I received a message from a dear friend about my blog and it inspired me to get back on track with my writing, despite the fact that I haven’t any clue what my message is at the moment I figure that the first step is to just go for it so excuse this messy post of ramblings… I’m a little rusty!

I have to confess that over the past year I have been feeling a little detached from myself and my life in general which has contributed to my blog neglect. I felt that every time I wanted to share something I wasn’t being authentic enough so I would put it off and put it off until finally I let it go, which is a problem because writing has always been the one thing that has helped me to feel real and make sense of myself so letting go of that turned out to be a mistake. Now I’m trying to find my voice again… trying to make sense of the path I’m on and the world I am in, I’m tired of feeling like I’m living in a blur where every day blends into the next and nothing really stands out as making my life feel exciting anymore, I’m no longer present and it’s time that changed.

I’m not entirely sure how to change it but I know from the past year that ignoring these feelings isn’t the key to overcoming them, after some processing I’ve decided that I’m going to take a new approach to my life and learn how to be present and true to myself. Part of my process of being true will include writing, practicing yoga and who knows… I might get really crazy and decide to build a sweat lodge in my back yard.
I don’t know what will happen but if you are prepared to embark on a journey that will hopefully result in true awesomeness then read on friends, read on!


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