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Lust List – New Home Edition

Change tends to bring on a lot of emotion, I used to think that I handled change pretty well however it seems I was being delusional in that assumption. Recently Hubby and I put in an offer on a lovely little acreage not far from where we live now, things have actually gone pretty smoothly as far as real estate transactions go… our offer was accepted, our house put up for sale, an offer put in on our house in less than a week, our acceptance of the offer… but we are in the midst of a waiting game and have 7 days to find out if everything has gone through on the buyers end before we can move ahead with our deal.
My nerves are shot, I’m pretty sure the stress has brought on this cold that I can’t seem to shake, I have been feeling like Bad Mommy for yelling SO MUCH lately… Friday cannot come soon enough!

In light of this situation I thought I would share some of my de-stress secrets but then I realized an entire post about drinking wine was probably not that good of an idea so instead I will do a Lust List – New Home Edition to get my mind off the negative “what if’s” and onto some excitement of things to come.

1. A Garden – it may come as a shock to you but I never ended up creating a garden in our current home. Lack of time, lack of space and lack of green thumb were all contributing factors as to why that plan failed but with the prospect of owning over 5 acres of land there is no question… I WILL have a garden at my new home, it will be bountiful and I WILL learn how to tend to it like a pro!

Vegetable Garden Inspiration
Vegetable Garden Inspiration

2. Muck Boots – with the abundance of land I will now have to tend for I need a good pair of boots to keep me warm and dry. I love that these babies come in pink… if I’m going to wear a set of rubbers they might as well be cute ones!

Muck Boots in Pink & Black
Muck Boots in Pink & Black

3. Country Kitchen – my new home comes with a teeny tiny kitchen with very lovely cabinets, that is if you enjoy travelling back to the 80’s when melamine cupboards were the thing! While I certainly don’t mind living with these beauties for the time being I have grand visions of what I can make it into someday.

Country Kitchen Ispiration
Country Kitchen Inspiration

4. A wicked awesome tree house for my kids – growing up I remember begging my parents to build me a treehouse, we had a pretty awesome back yard for living in a big city and I was lucky enough to have such a big space to explore and play. I can recall the amount of time I would spend in our yard pretending to be in the middle of a forest or on some other quest, this is one of the reasons I am so excited for my children to grow up with acres of land to explore. I would love to give them a hide out, somewhere that can be their personal retreat and I think a tree house would be just perfect!

Wicked Awesome Tree House
Wicked Awesome Tree House

5. Pygmy goats – these little cuties are miniature goats, they grow to the size of a medium breed dog and they are full of energy. Just take a look at the picture below and tell me you wouldn’t want one of these little guys in your life!

Pygmy goat
Pygmy goat

What are some of your lust-worthy items for making your house a home?


4 thoughts on “Lust List – New Home Edition

  1. I think I am going to steal your last items they seem pretty perfect!

    I really want a new floor and a small green house to have fresh vegys year round!

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