EveryBODY is Beautiful

There are few things in life that I hate but when it comes to labelling I get quite worked up over the terms “skinny” and “fat”. I feel quite passionate about spreading the message of self love and rejecting the idea that to be beautiful we must all fit under certain criteria that our society deems to be the ideal. I’m sure that many of you have seen the non-traditional “Before and After” picture that has flooded social media in the past few weeks, if you ended up clicking the link you would also know that this image is part of the Embrace campaign to change the way women see themselves. This got me thinking about the impact society has on our self worth and the fact that for whatever reason we feel the need to be accepted by others before we can accept ourselves, I think it’s time that we give up on that notion once and for all and really get on board with the self love trend. As stated in the Embrace campaign, EveryBODY is beautiful!

This morning I came across another link titled “22 Things You Should Never Say to a Skinny Woman” and I read it, nodding along to nearly every phrase listed and I felt like I was 18 again struggling with my identity and acceptance. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the term ‘fat shaming’, well I’ve noticed a lot of ‘skinny shaming’ lately in my scrolls through Facebook and Instagram with pictures stating “Real women have curves” and “Who wants to be with a toothpick?” I’ve even had friends tell me that they feel sorry for me for having “no boobs” or the fact that “my husband has nothing to look at/grab onto” and yes, I really did say that these comments were made by friends. Being the person I am I laughed it off initially and internalized the insecurity these comments fed me, later down the road I decided that instead of holding onto these negative comments I was going to forgive my girlfriends for their insensitivity because I felt that it was most likely coming from an area of insecurity they themselves have and really, who doesn’t have insecurity issues? The sad thing is that the more we spread these images and messages of putting others down we are becoming the bad guys and to put it simply, we are bullying each other for something that is out of our control. Despite the negativity that floods me from time to time I know that I am beautiful and I know that I am a good person. I would never dream of telling a friend {or anyone} that she wasn’t attractive because she didn’t fit into a single definition of beauty, nor would I think it acceptable to post something that would shame anybody into feeling they are anything less than beautiful.

My challenge for any woman reading this is to let go of any negative thoughts you are holding onto about yourself right now, it doesn’t matter what it is just forget about it and release it into the universe. Tell yourself that you are beautiful, love yourself and next time you feel those negative thoughts returning {whether it be about yourself or another woman} let it go and try to instead spread self love and acceptance.
See the beauty in everyone, but especially in yourself.


2 thoughts on “EveryBODY is Beautiful

  1. Thanks for the reminder that everyone is beautiful in their own way. I know I need to be reminded because I am one that fits into the perfect mold. The people around me love me for who I am and not what society says I should look like. Keep smiling!

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