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A Distorted View

With the popularity of Instagram platforms ever on the rise social media seems to be in an uproar these days over what constitutes as “real” or “authentic” images. The idea that we are bombarded with images of impossible standards is nothing new but the perception of these “perfect moments” from ordinary people we see captured in photo’s may be hard to dismiss. Whatever your journey may be it’s easy to look at these pictures and think that we simply do not measure up. The problem however isn’t Instagram or Facebook or any other social media platform, the problem in this thinking lies within ourselves.

If we look at these pictures and all we can think of us is how we measure up (or don’t) then maybe it’s time we rethink our inner dialogue. While some images may in fact push an ideal standard of perfection the majority of accounts and images out there are not made to make you feel badly about yourself but rather to inspire you. If you feel you are surrounded by negative and impossible standards in your social media circle I suggest you do some selective de-cluttering of your account and who you choose to follow or befriend.You decide what and who you surround yourself with and this choice will affect whether you feel supported or drained in the world whether it be in the real world or your social media feed.

We are all made of the same stuff when it comes down to it, the only thing that sets us apart is our mindset. If you look at the world and think that everyone is better than you and that you will never measure up then I am guessing this outlook is affecting more than your enjoyment of social media. However if you look at the world and feel amazed and excited and inspired by what you see then you are probably feeling pretty good about life in many areas.

This isn’t to say that we don’t all have our bad days where we feel an unreasonable hatred to everything outside of the walls that confine us, it’s okay to be a temporary hermit sometimes and we don’t have to give 110% everyday… or at least our effort doesn’t have to be focused on the same areas everyday. Balance is key to anything we do and maintaining a balance between the mind, body and spirit is essential to our overall wellbeing. Maybe one day you choose to serve your body in a physical way and another day you decide to rest your body and put your focus on your mind and spirit, this is working towards balance. Everyday does not have to be or feel like a never ending race to show the world that you are great in every aspect. Nobody is keeping track of how many push ups/sun salutations/green smoothies/crosswords/etc. you do and you don’t have to prove it to anyone. So next time you are feeling down over your social media feed choose to take this as a cue that you may need to slow down, accept where you are at that very moment and listen to what your body is telling you it needs and do that.

Unplug and do something for yourself instead of worrying what everyone else is doing.



One thought on “A Distorted View

  1. Such an informative post. And you’re right, I suppose that the problem really lies within ourselves and the perception we have when using social media.

    Lets get real… I don’t typically post when I’m having a bad day or moment or whatever. So all anyone sees is the good. But we only acknowledge that for ourselves – we never extend it to other people and appreciate that they are perhaps doing the same thing! This has been on my mind a lot lately. I loved reading this.

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